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A Connected Community

The Evergreen Park Community prides itself on the joy the schools bring to our students each day. Our teachers and support staff are at the center of all decisions that are made in Evergreen Park. It is due to the dedication of our teachers and administration working together on common goals that have allowed for our continued success and partnership.  

Why join our EP Family?

Higher salaries than area districts

District 124 pays their teachers competitively. Out of all the elementary school districts in Worth Township, District 124 pays the highest starting package of salary plus retirement.
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Competitive Benefits

Professional Development


  • Grades K-2: Average class size of 16
  • Grades 3-5: Average class size of 20
  • Grades 6-8: Average class size of 25 

Dedicated to Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

As a school Community, our strength is in the unique perspective of all community members, staff, and students. We value the perspective of all individuals and share a common understanding of belonging. In alignment with our strategic plan we seek to have a diverse and dedicated workforce that reflects the students we serve and embrace these goals in our actions, policies, and procedures.

At D124, we embrace the following definitions:


The existence of many identities, backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives within a community.


In life, advantages and disadvantages exist. As a result, individuals do not begin their journey in the same place. Equity provides an environment of fairness where each individual has what they need to meet their full potential.


An environment where ALL individuals are and feel respected, have a sense of belonging, and participate and achieve their potential. While diversity is essential, it is not sufficient. An institution can be both diverse and non-inclusive at the same time. A commitment to an environment of inclusive practices is critical to the success of all that belong.

Community Support

teacher and students doing an activity on the rug

Evergreen Park is a small community that has a home-like feel. Parents are connected to the relationship with their teachers and work towards a strong partnership between home and school

Teacher helping student

Evergreen Park School District participated in and received a Community Education Grant to support the social and emotional needs of our students. This grant exceeded $600,000 dollars over the course of two fiscal school years. The purpose of this grant was to partner with community organizations in an effort to address the mental health crisis facing young adolescents.  

As a district, we have continued our partnership with PBIS, revising our program needs and completing a district needs assessment. Additionally, we have utilized local resources, especially, the Center for Self Actualization to provide families in need with counseling support. It is these types of community partnerships that allow for both staff and student success and show our dedication to our community. 

Non-Certified Positions

The board of education has worked diligently to increase the rate of pay for non-certified employees over the course of the last two years. This increase has allowed for additional monetary benefits for our hourly employees.  

Our Paraprofessionals are valued employees in which we have increased the number of working calendar days to provide extensive professional development, based on the request of our staff. These professional development sessions will be developed to meet the needs of these employees. Additionally, all paraprofessionals are provided the opportunity for health insurance paid up to 90% by the Board of Education.  

Paraprofessional Hourly Rate
District 124 pays their support staff competitively. Out of all the elementary school districts in Worth Township, District 124 has the second highest hourly rate for paraprofessional pay.

Our custodial and kitchen staff goes above and beyond at Evergreen Park School District 124. A family feel at heart, these employees take true pride in their daily efforts to support our buildings and offer high-quality food service which is an essential part of the school day.  

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