Evergreen Park Recruitment

Welcome to

Evergreen Park Elementary School District 124!

Our goal as a district is to 

 inspire children and our employees to achieve their full potential and to foster a community of inclusiveness, creativity and innovation. We are proud of the work we do and support each other every day with the common goal of providing amazing educational opportunities for our students and our community.


Mission and Vision

The mission and vision of District 124 are captured in the long-range strategic plan developed by the Board of Education and school community. Each day for each child, we attempt to:

Implement high-quality and challenging curriculum, instruction, and assessment that increases student learning

Provide facilities and sites that have a continuous improvement program incorporating curriculum and technology

Invest in quality staff, facilities, technology, and programs within the scope of fiscal responsibility to maximize and sustain student achievement

Inspire students to create, innovate, and collaborate globally in order to prepare them for the dynamic and unprecedented opportunities that await citizens of the 21st Century

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