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Evergreen Park Elementary School District 124 is home to five amazing schools: four elementary schools (serving grades Kindergarten through 5) established in each of the four “quadrants” of the Village, and one middle school located in the heart of Evergreen Park. The District also offers early childhood and pre-kindergarten services and programming with enrollment fluctuating slightly each year, with approximately 1,800 students enrolled annually.

In early 2022, Evergreen Park School District began a process to establish a strategic plan to guide decision making in the district for the next three years. 

Northeast Elementary

Teacher helping students at Southeast Elementary
Serving students in grades PreK-5

At Northeast, you will find a school community that is focused on changing the world by practicing the little things. Students are able to see themselves reflected in textbooks, lessons, activities, and celebrations, and there is a strong sense of pride in being a part of the Northeast family. 

Northeast School chooses a theme each school year. The 2022-23 theme is “Together we can change the world,” which is celebrated with each grade level researching different continents, reporting on their findings, and identifying little things that they can do that ultimately make a big difference. Northeast accepts and celebrates all cultures, not just during holidays, but every single day with culturally-focused lessons, listening to one another’s stories, and creating and strengthening relationships with their peers. Our incredible teachers and staff are all about making students feel comfortable with themselves and their stories, while being intentional about culturally responsive teaching, and allowing students to engage intellectually, socially and emotionally. With daily themes for the Power Quarter Hour, students get excited about learning and are supported by a talented team who create a culture of collaboration with each other and with families. Northeast School provides students with an educational experience that inspires and motivates them to be lifelong learners and caring contributors to the world around them!

Southeast Elementary

Teacher helping students at Southeast School
Serving students in grades k-5

At Southeast, you will find a school with strong systems that support all learners, incredible connections with the community, and opportunities for students to serve as leaders! 

Southeast School has a strong focus on welcoming and supporting all learners. We are a generational school with a dedicated group of staff, parents, and community members who strive to create a strong sense of community and connection that encourages and celebrates each student. Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) is a part of daily life at Southeast with students participating in a variety of activities including the PBIS ambassadors, a group of fifth graders who connect with younger students and serve as student leaders. Our incredible teaching staff includes a full-time instructional coach and an interventionist who provide professional development opportunities and additional support for students and staff. At Southeast, staff work hard to ensure the academic, social, and emotional development of each child!

Northwest Elementary

Teacher reading to students at Northwest school
Serving students in grades PreK-5

At Northwest, you will find a gold circle of quality PreK programs, an incredibly supportive and collaborative staff, and a child-centered approach to education that instills joy and enthusiasm in each student.

Northwest School is focused on making connections in the classroom and helping students succeed. Strong relationships between students and their teachers is at the heart of everything we do. Teachers get to know each student, understand who they are and what interests them, and guide them forward in their learning. Students at Northwest participate in a variety of opportunities including clubs and extracurricular activities. We also have academic and social/emotional interventions, a peer buddies program for students with Autism, and self-contained special education classrooms focused on connecting and supporting learning. Our fifth graders develop leadership skills by volunteering and training to become a peer buddy or providing support to K-grade 2 classrooms during lunch and recess. Reading buddies also allows students to connect with each other across grade levels, developing strong friendships based on fun activities. At Northwest, we know iIt takes a village to raise a child and we work with our community to provide an excellent educational experience!

Southwest Elementary

Teacher helping students at Southwest
Serving students in grades k-5

At Southwest, you will find a school that is all about caring. Once you get there, you won’t want to leave! With a compassionate community, there are so many ways that students are inspired to reach their full potential as they become lifelong learners. 

Southwest School is built on genuine caring for the wellbeing of students, staff, and families with a unified mission to be a successful and unique neighborhood school. With very tangible community support, incredible connections, and unique traditions, students are able to find encouragement and resources at every turn. Classrooms collaborate across grade levels and provide caring and calm environments for students to learn and think creatively. Student ownership in learning is important at Southwest, celebrated with Genius Hour in fourth grade where students explore a topic of their choice, do research and present their findings to the community. Our incredible teachers often stay in our school for a long time, building strong relationships with their students year after year. Together we continue to help our children strive for educational excellence!

Central Middle School

Teacher helping student on a laptop at Central Middle School
Serving students in grades 6-8

At CMS, you’ll find a school community that is constantly searching for ways to give back. Students get involved in community service and volunteering, dive deep into their interests in and out of the classroom, and develop the skills they need to succeed in life. 

Central Middle School brings students from across Evergreen Park together to form a strong school community built on relationships, passion, and the desire to get involved. Students at CMS are positive and truly enjoy coming to school each day and are supported by dedicated educators who are passionate about nurturing a strong school community. Parents and guardians serve as involved partners in their child’s education and there is a strong sense of community pride in our school. Sixth graders are welcomed into CMS with an orientation and develop immediate connections with other students and CMS staff. Students have many opportunities to get involved in what interests them! Whether it’s athletics, extracurricular activities, student leadership opportunities like the National Junior Honors Society, the Student Leadership Committee, or our popular music program, students can pursue what interests them. A strong Social Emotional Learning program teaches students essential tools like managing stress, overcoming mistakes, how to collaborate and cooperate, and other life skills that prepare them for Evergreen Park High School and beyond!

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